Sniffing around for a pick-me-up

Wow, almost a month to post something new. I hope it’s because we’ve been busy, not lazy!

Gotta love the persistency of coffee lover’s attempts to justify our jones. Now there’s research that indicates simply smelling coffee can get you started. I can’t disagree with that. I’ve often thought someone could make a buck from an aftershave or perfume (“he may not be hot, but did you catch that aroma? grrrr”). Although it’s not as catchy, it appears one can “smell the coffee and wake up.” Personally, for satisfaction I need to wet my whistle with some java, but I’d like to see how this might test: ” They suggest pumping them (coffee aromas) into factories to help revive tired workers who can’t sip coffee while operating machinery.” On that basis, I wonder what productivity is like at a whiskey factory? For more insightful info you can share at your next cocktail party, sniff around


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