Spring is here?

Woke up and HOT coffee is still in vogue. At 27˚ we aren’t moving many iced americanos. But, we’re looking forward to expanding fans of our signature drink (at least we like to think it is). So as things start to warm up and the sun shines, be sure to drop by for a treat, possibly the best iced caffiene (or decaf) drink in town.

We’re also going to introduce a few new smoothies this spring. The Dr. Smoothie acai (for anyone trying to pronounce it, try “ah.sigh.ee”) or Frobidden Fruit. The acai is blended with banana, and Forbidden Fruit features a mix of guava, white guava, and passion fruit. Both healthy and delicious.

On a final note, we heard there’s a simple solution to rising ocean levels: ShamWOW! Someone’s thinking.


One response to “Spring is here?

  1. Ward,
    please call zukerman’s ASAP very important


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