Coffee in the burgh: how far have we come!

Since moving here in 2000, I’ve watched the coffee community grow immensely. From a few scattered Starbuck’s to a plethora of indie shops, the crazy growth of Crazy Mocha (17 shops and counting), and over the past few years competition winning barista’s, Pittsburgh is taking it’s place in the upper echelon of specialty coffee communities. Case in point: Carl Hauptmann and Jake’s Java. This is cross-posted at, and I thought it worth adding to our site for some more potential readership. Visit the Post-Gazette online: “Java anyone?” Carl and his son have turned a hobby into a small micro-roasting business, and the short video is nice insight into their joy, coffee, and roasting. Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea are another example of adding roasting to their business, and also worth a visit. With roasters like La Prima (our supplier), Kiva Han, Coffee Tree Roasters, Nicholas, Presto George, and others I’m forgetting, we have developed quite an expanded community. We hope others will learn to appreciate what we have: Pittsburgh is a coffee town!


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