Catching up

It’s been over a month since our last post, and an unfortunate reason as an excuse. On May 12, Simpatico’s very first and most reliable employee was severely injured while (of all things) walking the dog. Cappy Buchser (yes, her name is Cappy for all those customers that thought it was Kathy) was simply taking her daughter’s German Shepard for a walk when it bolted after a young man running down the street. Before she could brace herself, the dog yanked her off her feet into the road (Cappy, meet concrete), and she broke her hip and wrist. Five weeks later we still don’t have any idea when she might be returning to work. For all those wondering how she’s doing, she’s bored and frustrated but her spirits are high. And we all have nothing but the sincerest thanks for all the outpouring of thoughts and concern for her recovery. Not only our outstanding loyal customer base, but other visitors that never met Cappy raised over $1100 dollars to help her out through this ordeal. Cappy sent this message to be shared with you all:

“Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words and generosity. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have such kind customers that are actually good friends. I am getting a little better each day, and hopefully soon I will be back to make coffee for each of you. Thank you again so very much.

Love, Cappy”

The outpouring of concern and support from our customers was phenomenal. As the owner of Simpatico I echo Cappy’s thoughts: Thank you all so very much! Recovering from the loss of Cappy’s much appreciated help has been tough, but it appears Monica and I are catching up, and there will be more frequent posts. Lots of activity in the coming months, so plenty of news to share.


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  1. Thanks For share .Cool

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