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Big week, lot’s to do

We’re anticipating a busy week, albeit we’ve had to say goodbye to some loyal customers. Last week ReedSmith officially moved to their new location at 3 PNC Plaza, and our friends from the The August Wilson Center, after ten years planning and three years of construction, have moved from their cramped quarters in the Regional Enterprise Tower (our home) down the street. We’ve made lots of friends the past three years, and know we’ll see everyone on occasion (our coffee WILL draw them back), and while we’ll miss them we wish the best in their new homes.

This week kicks off the start of Netroots Nation 09, with the likes of Bill Clinton, Valerie Jarret (President Obama’s BFF), and Howard Dean visiting our fair city, along with approximately 2000 progressive bloggers. We’re happy to be participating with a booth at the event, where we’ll be raising for Building New Hope and Rachel Carson Homestead selling their coffees (two organizations we support and volunteer for), as well as hosting Sustainable Pittsburgh whom we’re working with concerning a “green initiative” for local coffee shops.

flyer1aAlso this week, the World Pinball Championships in Scott Township (by Carnegie). Seems that the Pittsburgh region has quietly become quite the pinball mecca, home to the Professional Amateur Pinball Association. While it’s o.k. to idolize professional athletes (ahem), it seems even more appropriate to be able to mingle with the best, let alone challenge them. Attending the event is free, but apparently for the sum of a $5 registration fee, you can compete. Less than the cost of a hot dog at one of the local professional sporting events. Take that Frank Coonelly!

So hopefully we’ll either see you at our shop, the convention center, or PAPA headquarters.


Farm To Table Conference, this Friday & Saturday


For anyone looking for some weekend activity, visit the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the Food To Table Conference. Tickets for the 2-day Conference and Food Tasting are $25 each. There’s plenty to make this worth your while, but especially consider the Friday Night Food Tasting. A quick overview: the conference “has teamed with local farms [and] local businesses that support sustainable agriculture and many leaders of the  that work for change within the Pittsburgh area.” From offering senior centers fresh produce to weekly deliveries to you, this is a wonderful opportunity in a single setting to see what’s happening to “keep it local” in Pittsburgh.

Barista competition wrap up

It appears that Pittsburgh is quickly putting its mark on the specialty coffee industry. This past weekends event held in Cranberry was so well attended, Nick Cho (president of Murky Coffee, Washington D.C., and a board member for the Specialty Coffee Association of America) called it “the best-attended regional competition in the event’s history.” Unlike last year, the Pittsburgh area did not come away with top honors. but the event as a whole did. For some more detailed coverage visit Aldo Coffee’s web site for information from a coffee house perspective, or read this mornings front page article in the Post-Gazette.

SCAA Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition Finalists

Nice turnout for the competition. Unfortunately, the talent was exceptional and as strong as out local baristas performed, only one local compeitior made the final six: Dana Waelde of Crazy Mocha. Quick post on the finalists:

Allie Caran (Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore, MD)
Allie Turner (Murky Coffee, Arlington, VA)
Dana Waelde (Crazy Mocha, Pittsburgh, PA)
Jeremy Sterner (Peregrine Espresso, Washington, DC)
David Nigel Flynn (Peregrine Espresso, Washington, DC)
Katie Duris (Murky Coffee, Alexandria, VA)

If you have time and interest, finals begin this morning at 10:30, Marriott North in Cranberry.

Mock Competition Wrap Up

Last nights mock-competition turned out to be more of a coffee community gathering than practice rounds, but a successful evening for all attending. Special thanks to La Prima for comping the delicious wood fired pizza and wings from Azzeria. For the rest of Pittsburgh, if you have any interest in the quality and capabilities of your favorite barista, be sure to attend the  SCAA Mid-Atlantic Barista Competition, February 6,7 & 8, sponsored by Kiva Han Coffee. Look here for more information.

Inauguration Day…what fun!

Sending props to all those that joined us for our Inauguration “watch” party. inauguration3We are thankful to building management for allowing us to enjoy the benefits of our lobby (10 flat panel wide-screen monitors tuned to the event) and invite friends to usher in the new prez. We had probably 75 people here watching the swearing in and inauguration speech, and enjoying cookies and refreshments supplied by ourselves, the August Wilson Center, and the African American Chamber of Commerce (of Pittsburgh). -ward

Inauguration Party at Simpatico

Thanks all for stopping by for our “watch” party. We were one of thousands of locations inviting friends to join us for a historical event, and hope that someday you’ll remember “where were you when…”