About Simpatico Espresso

Simpatico Espresso proudly proclaims a passion for coffee — and some of the best coffee in downtown Pittsburgh! We are pleased to play a part in the upswing throughout the region for gourmet, specialty coffee, a trend that treats coffee as a culinary art, not just a “cuppa joe.” We proudly feature local, fresh roasted coffees from La Prima Espresso Company — what we believe to be by far the best roasted coffees in the region. And we work hard to insure the products we serve are of the finest quality, properly prepared, and fairly priced.

Unlike many downtown coffee establishments, we truly care about our product: properly extracted espresso; properly steamed milk; and not everything is made “to go” — we offer ceramic cups for you to stop, sit and relax, and thoroughly enjoy a true coffee break. Additionally, we have free broadband internet access.

We don’t consider ourselves coffee snobs – we even sell flavored coffee, in our own opinion a belittling element to quality but definitely what many of our customers want!  – we try to make your coffee purchasing experience a pleasure, not a test. If you aren’t familiar with our menu, or specialty coffee drinks for that matter, we’ll take the time to explain things and help find the drink you want. While we appreciate a tall, skinny, wet cappuccino, it’s not necessary for you to know that. Just one look at the selection of syrup flavors attests to our aim to please, not impress. While quality is our emphasis, so is selection. If we were to choose our specialty, we believe we serve the best americano in the city, nothing more than espresso and water, but one of the freshest, strongest flavored coffee drinks you’ll ever taste.

In addition to hot coffee drinks, our iced and frozen drinks are just as good and popular. We are pleased to use Dr. Smoothie as our supplier for frozen lattes, mochas and chai, with high compliments from first time tasters. Not only are our frozen lattes delicious (known as a frappuccino made famous by Startbuck’s), but ours are easily the lowest calorie of these drinks as well (200 calories for a 16 oz. frozen latte compared to over 500 calories elsewhere). And our hot, iced and frozen chai tea always gets compliments, fairly common to hear it said that it’s the best many have ever tried. The same is also said about our steamers, italian sodas and cremosa’s.

Another quality product we are happy to carry is our selection of Harney & Sons Fine Teas. You can choose from a selection of premium teas or satchets served properly at the correct temperatures (yes, there are instructions for properly preparing tea), or purchase tea by the box or tin. We also offer a selection of iced teas featuring an organic black or green tea, and occasionally changing the third selection (always a fruit tea including red raspberry, mango, or black current).

To round out our drink options we also use Dr. Smoothie fruit smoothie mixes. These frozen refreshing drinks aren’t only delicious, they’re healthier than fresh fruit smoothies, one 16 oz. drink fulfilling the daily fruit requirements according to the USDA: the equivalent of 1 1/2 cups of 100% natural fruit, no added fructose, and additional vitamins added during processing. As a full meal replacement we offer possibly the most nutritious whey protein available as an add-in, as well as a selection of other natural, nutritional add-ins like Energizer, Ultimate Recovery, and Daily Essentials.

The final element for a complete offering is a small but high quality selection of food and snack items. We offer fresh baked goods from Enrico’s Biscotti and Colangelo’s Bakery, both located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, allowing us to present a nice daily selection of scones, cookies, and traditional European pastries, as well as a limited selection of prepared sandwiches and salads. We also offer Betty Lou’s nutritional snacks, specializing in gluten, wheat and dairy free products made entirely without sugar.

We are happy to consider ourselves as one of the top coffee shops in Pittsburgh, and proud to see the region excelling in coffee education and offering some of the best specialty coffee in the country. Be sure to support other local independent shops listed on our homepage (right hand column), and drop by Simpatico for a taste or a chat to see for yourselves why we’ve garnered a reputation as one of downtown Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets.

Visit us! Regional Enterprise Tower (old Alcoa Building)
Monday – Friday  6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
425 Sixth Ave., Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

loyalty & gift card

No punch cards here! Give us your name and regular customers become members in our loyalty program. loyalty-card3For each dollar spent you receive a credit, and at 30 credits you can chose almost any item from our menu for free (only limitation is our Signature drinks, and we’re even willing to negotiate those if there isn’t a line!). We won’t squabble over making you an offer “of equal or lesser value,” instead a savings that can be up to 14% of your overall purchases.
Not a business card/punchcard that may end up crumpled and meaningless, in all sense of the the term, ours is a great looking “debit” card. Unlike a punchcard, our loyalty card can be loaded up with credit. Instead of digging for money when you stop by for your morning coffee or afternoon pick me up, credit your account with any amount of money you wish… $5, $10, hundreds! The convenience, and/or budgeting, can be awfully nice and extremely convenient.

The Simpatico loyalty card also doubles as our gift cards. Same principle: load ’em up as a great way to share our quality products, score some credits (the freebie at 30 credits still applies), or offer a thoughtful gesture to your friends, fellow employees, or boss (!), or have some on hand for your own customers or clients. The gift card can be purchased for as little as $5, or for a minimum purchase of $10 we supply an attractive card and envelope. That includes the loyalty/gift card, a note card, an envelope and a happy recipient for as little as $10.