our coffee

We have a great relationship with Pittsburgh coffee roaster La Prima Espresso. Our limited space only allows for brewed coffee and espresso drinks, but we do offer coffee by the pound, and can take orders for any La Prima blends or single origin coffee. We are pleased to offer our own selections of house blends we created with the help of La Prima Espresso, In The House and Mr. Smooth (both fair trade organic), and a decaf using Swiss Water Process beans. 

Half Pound — $6.50  ·  One Pound — $12.00   ·  Two Pound — $21.00

In The House
Wouldn’t be in our house if it didn’t taste this great! A full city roast blend of Central American and Indonesian beans. Medium roasted coffee with a full body and smooth finish.*

Mr. Smooth
A wonderful mix of Indonesian coffees that feature low acidity and an earthy, good body.*

African Nation
Blend of beans that create a sweet, bitter chocolaty, light body coffee with a bright finish.*

Our decaf has a smooth, good body: french roast blended with Indonesian beans for a lighter roast and smooth balance.

Ladee & the Tramp
Low wired, full body! Enjoy a medium roasted, 50% decaf and 50% caffeinated coffee!*

Our darkest roasted blend, using South American beans to create a smoky, dark flavor.

We sell what we serve: La Prima Espresso blend. Roasted in the classic Italian style; sweeter than most American espressos. It’s distinct sharpness is due to its extremely smooth and excellent, rich crema. We pass all credit for this blend to La Prima. We love it, as do many serious espresso connieusseurs.

Building New Hope*
Sold in conjunction with Building New Hope, a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization, which donates all profits to chosen projects in Central America. The coffee is grown by one of the many supported projects, El Porvenir, a worker-owned cooperative of organic coffee growers in northern Nicaragua. This coffee has a full body with a medium sharpness and a smooth aroma.