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Second week of the New Year and we’re posting for the second time: this really could be a good year!

I know, this isn’t really pushing the limits, but since there were about four months between my previous posts, I’m feeling kind of productive. Additionally, I know pictures are always nice, and I rarely think about it, but to entice you to break any new year resolutions about calories, check out the pastries we offer everyday from Enrico’s Biscotti and Colangelo’s Bakery. The photo doesn’t do justice, but it’s still a photo and a tease.

Coffeewise, we are still pumping out some of the best product in downtown. We still get our coffee from La Prima and feel we are doing their product right. I don’t want to take anything away from 21st Coffee & Tea (located in the Frick Building), cause I got nothing but repect for their expertise, but as another kiosk located in the heart of the business district, it’d sure be nice to see a few more regulars from outside our walls. Anyone reading this that knows about us, maybe make a new years resolution to bring along a friend to enjoy a really good cappuccino in a ceramic cup; sit and enjoy your drink rather than take it on the run. We still have one of the fastest , free wi-fi connections in downtown, so make it a productive break and stay a while.

One experiment we’ve started due to the cold is ordering-in: if you place a food order before 10:30, we’ll have pasta, soup, sandwiches or pizza waiting for you at the shop. Everyday we make a pick-up of fresh prepared food at Colangelo’s bakery. Your choices are a daily pasta special; pasta with tomato and basil; Nico, a penne pasta dish with spinach, pine nuts, roasted red pepper, garlic, and spices, either plain or with a choice of chicken or spicy sausage; a choice of wedding soup or pasta e fagioli; or order your own 10″ pizza. Stop by for more info or to pick up a menu. We’re always encouraging customers to visit Colangelo’s for a true taste of Italy, but our limited menu isn’t a bad option.


Espresso in L.A.: how far have we come!

The refurbished original Starbuck's La Marzocco

The refurbished original Starbuck's La Marzocco

Perusing the NY Times I stumbled onto an article about a pretty hip coffee shop opening in Venice, CA. We are blessed to have some national coffee roasters, i.e. Intelligentsia (found locally at 21st Street Coffee & Tea, Aldo Coffee, Big Dog Coffee, Dozens and possibly others), Parallel 49 (Voluto), Batdorf and Bronson (Tazza D’Oro) and Counture Culture (Bluehorse), represented locally. Simpatico is proud to serve local roaster, La Prima, but it’s important for a prospering coffee community to have choice, and Pittsburgh is now well stocked. Anyway, taking espresso culture one step further, Intelligentsia is combining a little history (the original Starbuck’s La Marzocco GS2 espresso machine) with contemporary espresso chic (four Synessos), and opening a pretty cool espresso bar in Cali. Nice.