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What is the world’s most popular drug?

Since coffee is our business, today’s caffeine lesson is brought to you by LifeScript, “The #1 Website Dedicated to Women’s Health;”  9 Caffeine Myths Explained. And yes, caffeine is the world’s most popular drug. I believe the key, as with anything, is not to abuse, and caffeine consumed within reason can actually be beneficial. We like to think our house blends really tastes good, so if it’s caffeine you want why not enjoy our cup of coffee — note the flavor and appreciate the difference between ours and just any coffee while getting your fix. Our house coffees (Mr. Smooth and InTheHouse), both featuring Sumatra (a medium to heavy body, a mild sharpness and a rich, smooth taste), are meant to satisfy those looking for a mellower coffee, but having a fairly bold taste. So, for that caffeine fix, one or two cups of our coffee not only satisfy, they’re good for you!

On another note: ahem, today’s date is significant to many so for anyone interested, your urban lesson for the day can be read here. Ours is not to place judgement but to inform.